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Notes by Natalie

A therapeutic, music-based program for special education 


How does it work?

Powered by Point Motion technology on the UnitusTI platform, this program provides: 

  • automated data collection

  • standardized assessments

  • Reports and tracking functions

  • HIPAA and FERPA compliant data storage in a cloud based format

  • music interventions designed for IEP goal progress 

Who can use it?

Teachers, paraprofessionals, related services providers, parents, and students. 

Anyone- no matter their training or music experience, can facilitate the use of this program! 

What is it?

A set of 50-100 adaptable, music-based educational interventions that prompt the user to complete poses as they appear on the screen. 

As the user completes the poses, automated data collection is completed and automatically compiled into a data collection report for providers. 

Notes by Natalie has programs in four domains related to Individualized Education Program goals: 

  • Social-emotional 

  • Educational 

  • Physical

  • Cognitive

Who does it benefit?

  • Students benefit from music based interventions created by a board-certified music therapist, leading to greater therapeutic progress 

  • Teachers and related service providers benefit from automated data collection, classroom facilitation resources, continuity of care, and reports/tracking functions 

  • Special education programs benefit from improved program quality, remote learning engagement, and increased classroom facilitation ​

  • School districts benefit from improved student achievement outcomes through the utilization of cutting edge technology and decreased overhead costs