My name is Natalie,  I am the founder of Notes by Natalie and a board-certified music therapist working in special education classrooms.

Outside of creating the Notes by Natalie therapeutic program, I also work as a music therapy consultant and related service provider.  I create resources for special education professionals and caregivers for educational and home settings to enhance, engage, and assist in daily living or therapeutic goals. I facilitate music therapy sessions working on specific Individualized Education Program goals with students with varying diagnoses. 

Because I currently work in special education settings, the resources I provide bloom out of real-life experiences- while measuring engagement and therapeutic progress simultaneously, I am constantly creating and adapting resources to best meet the needs of the students I am connected with. 

If you are a special education professional, music therapist, parent, or simply an inquiring mind, please reach out to me. I am always open to collaborations and conversations! 

Together, we can empower future generations.