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Essential Tips for Special Education Leaders

"I am honored to welcome Dr. Nakia Simmons Cotton as a guest blogger on the Notes by Natalie blog. Dr. Cotton is an author, educator, leader, consultant, and a special education and 504 specialist. She is the author of the book: "Essential Tips for Special Education Leaders".

Below is a summary of the introduction, as well as chapters one, two, and three of her book! I hope you enjoy and find beneficial information for your special education practices."


"Essential Tips for Special Education Leaders"

By: Dr. Nakia Simmons Cotton

Essential Tips for Special Education Leaders provides tips and recommendations for educators working with students with disabilities. My passion and goals are to ensure quality education to all, especially persons in need of special education services. The book comes with a workbook and serves as a guide to novice and veteran special education leaders. In this book, I share my years of experience in special education leadership with special programs and Section 504 with fellow educators.

The book covers the evolution of my journey as a school leader in special education. The book begins with my excitement and anticipation to lead in a Metro-School district. While in the position, the excitement transforms into the reality of the overwhelming tasks school leaders face and the responsibility of maintaining compliance and influencing students, parents, and educators. Special education is an unchartered but rewarding field in education. All students with disabilities are entitled to equitable treatment, inclusion, and a Free and Appropriate Public Education.

Chapters One and two I discuss the journey, task-oriented goals, and the history of special education. The narrative covers the evolution, parent rights, and the Individual Education Plan. In chapters three and four, I discuss something near and dear to my heart: relationships. Chapter three is lengthy because relationships are so essential to school leaders and educators. I also discuss my personal journey with my special needs son and the importance of connecting with parents.

"For more information about the books and other initiatives from Dr. Nakia Simmons Cotton through Edufaith Educational Services, please visit – Essential Tips for Special Education Leaders and and LinkedIn."

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