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Essential Tips for Special Education Leaders: Part Two

I am honored to have Dr. Nakia Simmons Cotton as a voice on the Notes by Natalie blog. I know you will find insight in her writing. -Natalie

Essential Tips for Special Education Leaders provides tips and recommendations for educators working with students with disabilities. Chapters one, two, and three set the foundation and highlight my journey, task-oriented goals, the history of special education, and relationships.

Chapter Four is titled "Knowledge is Power, "which covers the importance of acquiring vital knowledge to succeed with special education practices. One book excerpt: "Leaders must be conscious and seize opportunities throughout the day to better oneself professionally and acquire special education knowledge." The value of outsourcing knowledge, learning the various acronyms in special education, and being familiar with related programs are discussed and highlighted. Finally, the benefit of being familiar with litigious cases is also important in special education. Being informed about the cases and outcomes secures knowledge with current practices to be versed and successful.

Chapter Five explains the Local Education Agency, a term we hear so frequently, however never really examine. The LEA is the district or the public agency that provides services. The Local Education Agency has various responsibilities associated with a role to ensure a Free and Appropriate Education. The chapter concludes with strategies to lead difficult IEP meetings.

Chapter Six covers resiliency and how as educators, we must go with the flow and not sweat the small things. Here is a book excerpt, "Leadership in special education will pull you in many directions and extend you more than other building leaders. Be flexible when the uncontrollable happens, adapt, and don't waste time dwelling on uncontrollable circumstances. It is a waste of time."

Throughout the chapters, essential tips are provided, along with my insights gained based on my journey. To learn more about the Chapters presented, I encourage you to secure a copy of the book. Essential Tips for Special Education Leaders is a valuable resource for special education educators, parents, leaders, and others wanting knowledge to impact change positively.

For more information about the books and other initiatives from Dr. Nakia Simmons Cotton through Edufaith Educational Services, please visit – Essential Tips for Special Education Leaders and, YouTube page Edufaith Essentials or Dr. Nakia Simmons Cotton on LinkedIn.

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